Sunday, October 23, 2016


Hurricane Matthew whipped through Haiti, leaving horrible destruction in its path. The thousands of animals were affected by the storm and left behind in the terrifying chaos. 

Some of the animals were abandoned at the time of the hurricane. Donkeys had cargo strapped to their bodies and were still tethered to their workstations. 
   Haiti’s dog who survived the intense hurricane with no proper shelter is a miracle. 

According to HSI: “There are hundreds of dogs, cats, goats, cows and donkeys who, just like the people here, have been through a traumatic event and their stress is apparent.”

Humane Society International is on the ground in Haiti!  

It’s amazing to see HSI Animal Rescue Team helping the animals in need face to face. With your help, HSI be able to provide sick and injured animals with food, water, veterinary care and vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease. Please, DONATE to help the animals affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Sources: HSI and One Green Planet