Thursday, December 26, 2013

Curious cats and the Xmas tree

The arrival of the Christmas tree is always a big event for my cats. They assume that I decorate the tree for them and this is a game to play. From their point of view, this is one of the best gifts.

This year my cats even have their own miniature Xmas tree! 

Look what mammy got you! 

My cats, Keti and Jack, love their gift.

Do you need some help? No!

They are coming back to play with their tree and to bump the angel with paws.

My perfect little angels... 

Warning: Make Xmas
tree a safe joy for your cats. Always be there while they are playing and be ready to take pictures. The result is hilarious!

Still, from my experience, the best holiday gift for your cat is HOMEMADE BOX CASTLE. You'll be stuck with ugly cardboard boxes in your house but if you want to make your cat happy there are no limits!

How are your cats doing?

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Bosnian and Herzegovina, Tuzla, December 10, 2013

This story will bring you to tears. After being thrown into the street, Maks spends his days whimpering in front of the house, hoping that the owner will take him back. 


I'm Max. I was born as a very happy puppy... at least I thought until recently.

When I was a mischievous puppy I've always bring a smile to my family. I'd run on the slippery floor and sliding with my little short legs. I have enjoyed in long walks and I loved to swim in every puddle which I have found.

My Man loved me and laughed at all my shenanigans. Every walk was followed by bathing of his "furry little pig" - me. He did not mind, though every time I "bathed" him.

When I grew up we enjoyed together to huddle on the bed, and watched the frost windows. We listened frostily sparrows in the gutters, and I thought that life could not be more perfect.

And then ... Then came SHE in our lives. Very nice and sweet lady, the first day
SHE bought me a hot dog. At first SHE walked along with us and SHE took care of me, like a every girl who loves animals. I saw on the face of my Man that SHE makes him happy, so I even more tried to beautify their common days.

I could not wait for them to come home and to go out for a walk
together. To play and to wallow in bed together, to go on trips and to ride in the car. I just enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, these joys was becoming less and less common because my Man had much more fun with his girlfriend.

They were constantly together, without me, and very often they closed the door in front of my snout. But again, I did not blame my Man, because he still was giving me a smile and gentle touch in passing. But SHE was not anymore happy to see me.

SHE was nervously waving with her hands because of my hair in the house, or when I spilled water, which I didn't do deliberately.

However, I was hopeful. I was waiting for better days. I was armed with patience like never before and I tried to be good to everyone.

Since I did not know what to give them, which gift, from the nearby woods I was bringing small branches and bones on the doorstep, as a sign of my respect and friendship.

However, SHE was not happy, neither my Man. They said it was garbage. Only I could do was to curl up in a corner and wait for another morning in fear and without sleep.

I thought that I have already touched bottom, but it was not so. When the baby arrived in our home, I had to leave because SHE was afraid of infection and contamination. My Man supported SHE, without mercy. He did not even look at me. Without turning, THEY THREW ME OUT ON THE STREET.

I did not hate that creature, because it smelled of innocence. I loved the baby from the first day. It was the baby of my Man. But now, my Man became a man I did not know more.

I followed him faithfully for full five years. I gave him protection, love and fidelity. And now, like an old rag,
I'm thrown out on the street.

IT'S VERY COLD AND I HAVE NO MORE LOVE AND WARMTH, I live in a cold concrete. My heart is broken into pieces because my Man does not want my any more. I do not have anyone else in this world. I had only my Man. Now I'M  SCARED AND LONELY. I DO NOT HAVE ANYBODY.

They throw
me the food from time to time, just not to die of hunger. But I still do not lose the hope and believe that I will again be part of my family. I hope I'll wake up from this nightmare. I hope that my Man and SHE, however, will understand that Maks (I), is their friend, their guardian angel, not only a dog who stinks, how SHE sad.

Here I am good people, do you hear me? Here I am in front of your door. I'm waiting for you! It's cold outside,
and in my heart. I'm suffering and I'm drowning. Save me my good Man, my owner, because I cannot bear up much longer. Save me good people... I am your sincere friends. I will not last much longer on the street ... My fate is in your hands, my good Man!

With love, MAKS

Association for Animal Welfare NIRINA from Tuzla reacted immediately and Max is taken away from the street. Meanwhile, Max's story has touched hearts all over the world, and many people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, even Denmark, Germany and Norway, want to give Maks forever home and loooots of LOVE!

SO, WHO IS THE PROBLEM AND DANGER? HUMANS OR DOGS? BiH authorities should sanction citizens who leave their pets and create this problem in the country. Unfortunately, the BiH government still believes that is better to exterminate stray dogs and spend millions on killing the innocent, instead to LOVE them.



Priča koja će vas dirnuti do suza: Nakon što je izbačen na ulicu, Max danima tužno cvili ispred gazdinog doma (FOTO)
UJEDINJENI ZA POMOĆ: Ceo region želi da udomi napuštenog psa koji cvili ispred gazdine kuće!
Šapa u srcu - Zampa nel cuore



Thursday, December 12, 2013


As Christmas approaches, people are in search of the gift for family and friends. What about our furry companion? So, if you are looking for the perfect present for your cat, a cardboard box could be the best gift ever!

Why cats love boxes nobody can be sure. What we do know is that cats in boxes are definitely adorable!

Those "cat traps" seem to work!


Don’t think I can’t see you from under here...


The smaller the box, the greater the attraction.

Even big cats love boxes.

With two weeks left before 2014, it’s not too late to build BOX CASTLE, a special holiday play area for your cat!

It’s easy, with sturdy boxes and some duct tape you can make purrfect new adventure playground for your furry friend.

You don't need to buy them toys...

Comfort is a cardboard box!

Happy Holidays...

There’s more animal cuteness to come!