Thursday, December 26, 2013

Curious cats and the Xmas tree

The arrival of the Christmas tree is always a big event for my cats. They assume that I decorate the tree for them and this is a game to play. From their point of view, this is one of the best gifts.

This year my cats even have their own miniature Xmas tree! 

Look what mammy got you! 

My cats, Keti and Jack, love their gift.

Do you need some help? No!

They are coming back to play with their tree and to bump the angel with paws.

My perfect little angels... 

Warning: Make Xmas
tree a safe joy for your cats. Always be there while they are playing and be ready to take pictures. The result is hilarious!

Still, from my experience, the best holiday gift for your cat is HOMEMADE BOX CASTLE. You'll be stuck with ugly cardboard boxes in your house but if you want to make your cat happy there are no limits!

How are your cats doing?

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