Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Footage filmed by Turkish news DHA in the rural village Siverek shows the unattended donkeys encrusted by snow, with icicles hanging off their flank. 

The five donkeys stand so still, as they huddle together for warmth, that they appear to have literally frozen solid.

Siverek is located in the Sanliurfa province in south-eastern Turkey, which experiences some of the country's harshest winter conditions.

Fortunately, the donkey's chilling tale has a heart-warming ending.


After photos of their plight were shared online, Siverek governor Hamza Erkal and Mayor Ali Murat Bucak sent a six-person team to rescue them.

When the team found the donkeys, some of them were so cold they were unable to walk and had to be carried to a truck, which took them to an animal shelter.

Housed in a warm stable, the donkeys were fed and checked by a vet.

The rescue team was instructed to stay alert for other abandoned animals in the area.

Thank Villagers for Saving Freezing Donkeys

Animals will ALWAYS remain the greatest test for the humankind because toward them we have the choice to be cruel or to BE KIND. Please, BE KIND ALWAYS!

Iced up donkeys rescued after DHA news
Donkeys 'frozen' by cold weather

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  1. THANK GOD THAT THESE MEN SAVED THE DONKEYS!!!! The persons responsible for the abuse and neglect should be charged and put in an field of ice with no protection from the elements as their punishment!!!!