Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Offbeat Animal News: WE ARE ZEN

I am a bit a stray, and the idea of addressing to someone officially is distasteful to me. So, let me get straight to the point.

I read that Zen Whisperingtree was suspended from Care2. I don't know Zen but I heard that she helped many people on Care2 to solve technical and other problems, like Eric (CareTwo Support) helped me. Actually, I'm not angry like some other members but Care2 cannot ignore the wish of many Care2'ers who want to know why exactly Zen was suspended.

Also, the petition PLEASE BRING ZEN BACK has disappeared from Care2 site like the plane in the fog. Why Care2 removed it? I know this is not the first time that some Care2 member has been suspended but before we've got the answers.

It's such a shame to waste time, so Care2 let's make things correct and restore order.
What is Zen? 
Zen is something WE ARE and something WE DO. 

What are your thoughts? 

P.s. When things go awry, we easy lose focus on everything else. Be kind to sign this petition for animals!

Please support Japanese Groups by enforcing WAZA's Code of Ethics

Refuse to give the Olympic Torch Light to the Japanese in 2020 unless they stop the Dolphin Slaughter at Taiji Cove Japan

International Olympic Committee: REVOKE TOKYO'S 2020 OLYMPIC HOSTING STATUS

Save the Arctic

Support establishment of no-kill shelters world widely

POLL: Should the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Cove be stopped? 

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