Sunday, January 21, 2018


Bulgarian animal welfare icon Borko, who touched hearts of the world, passed away on the May 4th 2017.

Remember me… 

Every time I would look at Borko's favorite napping places, his toys, his water and food bowls, his doggy bed and blankets, his cart, his little shoes and panties, I would feel a stab in my heart. I still look for him around the house at times, thinking he’s right there next to me, eager to give me kisses and whining for my attention. To me, he was a child, a person in a dog suit, a special being who opened my heart as it has never been opened before. Because of Borko, I know I am forever blessed and changed for the better. 

Remember me… and stand for animal rights until the world values animals and humans equally. That day is coming. It's almost here.
Love, Borko

Borko, April 2017.