Thursday, April 10, 2014


Another Care2 member, true caring person and dedicated animal advocate, Jelena Radovanovic was forced to leave this network website. Some of her petitions have been removed because few people didn't like to scroll through all of Jelena's THANK YOU petitions to find more "serious" matters, or because certain sources didn't follow copyright laws.

On April 1, 2014 Care2 gave public recognition to Jelena Radovanovic in Care2 Causes article: SUCCESS! JAPAN’S SCIENTIFIC WHALING PROGRAM HAS TO STOP, RULES WORLD COURT

"Care2 member Jelena Radovanovic helped influence the outcome of the ruling by simply starting a petition and putting pressure on the court to take action."
IF CARE2 IS PAYING TRIBUTE TO ONE PERSON, CLEARLY THIS PERSON IS OUTSTANDING! I understand that sources need to be confirmed and copy writings must be respected but Care2 also must send personal message warning about these problems to all members who start a petition, especially to the member who stands out in his contribution - like Jelena Radovanovic.

Jelena makes people smile... maybe it confuses some Care2 members? But, at the same time, plenty of us seek out for stories with happy endings. To "read" Jelena's SEND LOVE and THANK YOU petitions simply close your eyes and make a wish to more good things happen in the world. Most of all, don't be filled with bitterness and hatred, we can all make an effort to solve misunderstandings that has spread across Care2. As well, "don't shoot the messenger" - CareTwo Support, the good will mediator who is helping two parties to arrive at an agreeable solution. 

So, in what direction Care2 website want to move in? I believe that Care2 apology to Jelena Radovanovic has the power to repair harm and soothe wounds, to disarm people of their anger and prevent further misunderstandings.

I'm happy to see that Care2 took good actions by deleting the petition Urge Jelena Radovanovic To Stop Taking Over The Petition Site With Nonsensical Petitions and some of Jelena's missing petition are back to the network (Send Thanks to UK Government for Abandoning its Plans to Roll Out the Badger Cull; Send Thanks to Australia for Creating the Largest Marine Sanctuary in the World; Send Thanks to Ten Firefighters who Rescued the One-eyed Horse from the River)

We can't undo the past but we can pay tribute to the woman who dedicated her life to save fellow animal beings. Like Jelena, we all must understand - when animals get their rights, we, human beings, will finally get our freedom! In other words, EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL is only way how you can protect yourself from harm and others from harm at your hands.

Let us be grateful to the people who make the world a happier place!

SEND THANKS TO JELENA RADOVANOVIC (maybe she will be back on Care2?)



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