Saturday, April 2, 2016

Serbia's Forgotten Paws: SOS FOR SERBIAN ANIMALS!

The city pound in Niš last weeks has been rounding up dogsin order to euthanise them – since then, animal welfare organisations and the city officials have been having meetings in order to come to an agreement how to HUMANELY DEAL WITH THE STRAY POPULATION.

Still dogs in the pound are dying every day! 

The rescuers have pulled out over 30 most critical dogs. They have been starved during their time in the pound, so now they need better quality food to help them recover and put weight back on. Also, they need urgent veterinary care. 

These are 3 of many dogs that need your help:

SONJA is only 18 months old puppy. She had been at the pound since 17th February and now she is walking skeleton. Her liver is really bad and she's fighting an infection. The vets and rescuers are doing all they can to save this beautiful girl.

BOKI is about 3 years old. He has been at the pound for a few weeks and has been castrated there. He has demodex, papillomatosis, allergies and laryngotracheitis. Boki had no proper veterinary care in the pound but vets are doing all they can for him now. 

BAKA is 10 years old, very underweight and struggling to stand due to cachexia. Moreover, he has been castrated in the pound. This sweetie was rescued last week – just in time!

Over 30 lives depend on your help!

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  1. No one with morals, ethics, compassion and respect for themselves and others ever could ignore the harsh reality... billions of animals are murdered every year only to please crippled, misguided, greedy humans... and their foolish, selfish needs. Being silent is no longer an's our obligation to speak out, work twice as hard to make it right for ALL vulnerable, defenceless and innocent animals...not just some! Over 10 years ago I chose to go back to my true herbivore nature, embrace it and enjoyed tremendously. Can't get any better. Eating wearing and using animal products creates, encourages, allows and promotes violence, deforestation, hunger, pollution(climate change), wild life extinction and diseases. To know more watch on YouTube: Best speech ever, Forks over knifes, Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Animals should be off the menu or/and go to: and Please do. Thanks

  2. Rosa, many thanks for your encouraging comment!

  3. I’m working as a vet from last 2 years. I’m very happy and love to be with animals. I think with the experience from my mom I got working for the vet clinic, all those years ago was priceless. I saw the cool stuffs like the surgeries, the puppies and kittens, the doctors who all taught me a lot too.

  4. I love animals and i have my lovely pets. Being with animals is really a real time fun especially with puppies. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of animals along with the wonderful tips. That's really great !

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