Monday, December 3, 2012


Show your ♥ for animals

S. Korea! Stop Killing Dogs! We need 1 million signatures.
Asan, S. Korea! Shut down the illegal hell hole dog farm and slaughterhouse in Tangjeong-myun now!
Food and Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations (UN FAO): Investigate and sanction S. Korea for the horrific cruelty of dog meat trade!
South Korea-Stop tormenting and eating companion animals! Boycott 2014 IAFS World Meeting in Seoul, South Korea!
Daegu, South Korea! Close Down Chilseong Market’s Despicable and Illegal Dog Slaughterhouses-Enforce The Animal Protection Law!Busan, South Korea! Close down all illegal dog slaughterhouses & restaurants in Gupo market now!
Millions of Dogs Tortured & Butchered in S. Korea. Boycott 2013 9th International MDPD Congress in Seoul, S. Korea!
Boycott 2013 Winter Special Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea – Hell on Earth for Millions of Dogs Tortured and Eaten!
Jeju Island of S. Korea! Punish the “Dog Truck from Hell” and ban the dog meat trade! 잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이제그만!
Pope Benedict XVI: Denounce the South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Industry
Seongnam, South Korea: Close Down Moran Market Dog Slaughterhouses-Enforce The Animal Protection Law!
Support the people and government of South Korea to stand up against the cruelty of the dog meat industry.
South Korean Government: All dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.
Boycott 2014 11th World Congress of International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association in Seoul, S. Korea-End the Shameful Violence Against Dogs & Cats!
Boycott 2013 15th WFNS World Congress of Nerosurgery in Seoul, S. Korea-Millions of Dogs’ Worst Nightmare!
Boycott 2017 UIA World Congress of Architects in Seoul, S. Korea where 2 Million dogs are tortured and eaten every year!
Boycott 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul, S. Korea! Stop the Cruel and Appalling Execution of Innocent Animals!
Boycott 20th World Congress of Soil Science in Jeju, S. Korea – Say “No” to the Horrific Cruelty to Millions of Innocent Animals!
Boycott 2014 XXXII World Congress of Internal Medicine in Seoul, S. Korea-No More Brutality and Torture of Man’s Best Friends!
Boycott 2013 9th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Seoul, S. Korea-Tell S. Korea to Ban the Dog Torture and Consumption Now!
Boycott 2013 20th World Congress of Int’l Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies in Seoul, S. Korea-Illegalize Dog Consumption Now!
Boycott XIII 2013 International Congress of Toxicology in Seoul, South Korea! No More Animal Cruelty! No More Dog Meat!
Boycott IAGG World Congress of Gerontology & Geriatrics 2013 in Seoul, S. Korea-Ban the Horrendous Atrocity of Dog Meat Trade Now!
Boycott International Green Energy Expo & Conference Korea 2013 in Daegu, S. Korea – End the Shameful and Barbaric Torture of Innocent Animals!
South Korean Government – Do Not Legalize Farming of Dogs For Human Consumption!
Boycott 2013 World Energy Congress in Daegu, South Korea-No More Torture! No More Dog Meat!
Boycott 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea – It’s time to end the appalling Dog Meat Trade! 잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이젠그만!
Coca Cola, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Visa: Withdraw your sponsorship of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in S. Korea!
S. Korea’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Goyang-city: Close down the illegal dog slaughterhouses now!
City of Namyangju, S. Korea: Close down the illegal “Hell Hole” dog slaughterhouse now!
Boycott Hyundai/Kia, Samsung, LG until S. Korea bans the dog and cat torture and consumption
Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!
Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim: Stop promoting dog meat as cancer treatment aid and prevention!
Boycott S. Korea! Dogs are part of family. Not Food!
Boycott S. Korea until they stop the torturing and eating companion animals
South Korea: Stop the brutal torture of dogs and dog meat consumption
South Korea : Stop the miserable lives & tortured death of dogs and cats
South Korea: Please stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats
South Korea: Stop Animal Abuse in South Korea
Petition to request maximum punishment for the scumbag that dragged a dog to death in S. Korea
Petition to request maximum punishment for the monster who burned a dog alive in Gimje, S. Korea

In French
Corée de Sud : Arrétez de tuer des chiens! (S. Korea : Stop Killing Dogs!)

Your actions are your only true belongings!

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  1. Thanks, I hope everybody will have a chance to sign by now..!