Friday, December 7, 2012

Wolves in Danger - Take Action!



Tell Officials the Killing of Yellowstone Wolves Has to Stop!

Secretary Vilsack: Reform the Federal Wildlife-Killing Program!

TAKE ACTION! Stop the Extermination of Wolves

No Punishment for Wolf Poaching?

Stop Putting Wyoming's Wolves In The Line Of Fire

Protect Yellowstone Wolves!
Help Save Coyotes In Southern California

Wyoming: Don't Wipe Out Your Wolves Again

Tell Minnesota: Stop Wolf Killings for Sport

Savethe Lolo 75 - Protect Wolves from Federal Sharpshooters

DIRECTV: Stop Spreading Wolf Stereotypes

Demand a Grey Wolf Protection Policy!

Maintain Federal Protection for Western Wolves

Stop Shooting Innocent Wolves

Ban the Hunting of Yellowstone's Wolves

Stand Against Idaho's Pro-Trapping Amendment!

Protect the Wolves in Wyoming!

Stop Canadian Wolf Slaughter

Block the Wolf Kill Contest in British Columbia

  Protect Yellowstone Wolves

End the Killing of Wolves in British Columbia

Protect North Carolina’s Endangered Red Wolves

Stop Minnesota’s State-Sanctioned Wolf Hunt

Do Not Allow Unregulated Killing of Wolves in Wyoming

Ask the Department of Fish and Wildlife to Stop Shooting Wolves

Stop Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Stop Order for Lethal Removal of Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf

Don’t Let Wyoming Slaughter Endangered Grey Wolve

Bring Wolves Back to Rocky Mountain National Park

Don’t Force Iberian Wolves Off Sanctuary Lands

Protect Animals in Europe from Sanctioned Poaching

Defend Rare Alaskan Wolf Habitat

Stop Wolf Trapping Outside of Alaska’s Denali National Park

Overturn Decision to Allow Unlimited Night Hunting in North Carolina

Demand that Idaho Stop Extreme Wolf Killing Efforts

Stop the U.S. Government from Slaughtering Wild Animals

Prohibit the Use of Leg-Hold Traps by Canadian Fur Trappers

We Can Shape the Future and the Plight of the Mexican Wolves

Help Ensure the Future of Gray Wolves in California

Save the Imnaha Wolf Pack in Oregon

Tell Canada to Stop Poisoning Wolves

Only 135 Remain: Protect Wolves in Finland Before It Is Too Late

Don’t Give Up On Wyoming Wolves

Alaska Wolves Unjustly Blamed for Moose Population Problems

Ban Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska

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  1. Unfortunately, we have lost most of our species. It is heartbreaking to read that wolves too are in danger. However, I find it heartwarming that you are trying to raise awareness. Keep it up!