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Please support Dogs Trust campaign by sending an automatic email to members of Bosnia-Herzegovina Parliament. Ask them to STOP THE PROPOSED AMENDMENTS OF DOG'S EUTHANASIA and to work with Dogs 
Trust to end suffering of stray animals in BiH once and for all!



The 2009 Law on Animal Protection was an incredibly progressive piece of legislation that if properly enforced would have seen a huge reduction in the number of stray dogs on Bosnia’s streets in the most humane manner possible. Please vote to stop the amendments to the law proposed by Prof. dr. Nermina Zaimovic Uzunovic, which are incredibly short-sighted.

The implementation of clause 14 (f) will require the construction of more infrastructure at great expense and do nothing to deal with the source of the problem. Instead Dogs Trust are training an army of vets in the latest surgical sterilization techniques, so they can use their existing facilities to stop the unwanted litters in homes and on the streets that are making the problem worse. At the same time, our schools programme reached over 20,000 schoolchildren to teach them how to be safe around dogs and become the responsible dog owners of the future. We ask you to provide a legislative framework that would enable us to continue this work.

Prof. dr. Uzunovic correctly identifies the need for registration and identification of dogs and when she talks of improper rubbish disposal contributing to the problem she is also right. There are many good points in the justification for her proposed amendments, but please delete clause 14 (f), so that we can work with you on creating a solution to the problem through better implementation of the current law and full implementation of policies that will prevent the abandonment of dogs at source rather than dealing with a the symptoms of a problem at great expense while failing to achieve the desired results.

Prof. dr. Uzunovic says that CVNR has failed. This is simply wrong. It has never been systematically and methodically implemented – Dogs Trusts efforts to neuter over 3,000 dogs in Sarajevo this year were the first comprehensive effort to do this on the scale required to have any impact on population dynamics.

Please stop this amendment and start building a better future for the people and dogs of Bosnia.


Dogs are already routinely killed in Bosnia-Herzegovina and found with horrific injuries. It is crucial that the Bosnia-Herzegovina Animal Welfare Law remain a no-kill law. 

Sign also Sandra Jensen petition: STOP BOSNIA FROM IMPLEMENTING KILL LAW!


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  1. Can you please put #Romaniastopanimalabuse on the picture you have of red card for Romania please?

  2. Images like #Romaniastopanimalabuse is impossible to forget! Still for many people are too upsetting, even for some of my animal activist friends. I try to take a middle way and choose "softer" images to send the message that persuade others to help.
    For sure, I'll share the news about protest at the Romanian Film Festival in London and how Romania abuse animals. Thank you Mel Royal, you are a good friend to the animals!