Friday, November 8, 2013


More wild buffalo have been slaughtered in America in the past ten years than at any time in the last century. On March seven 1997, during a winter when 1,084 buffalo were killed, American Indian tribal leaders from around the country gathered near Gardiner, Montana, to hold a day of prayer for the buffalo. The ceremony was disrupted by the echo of gunshots which aimed the buffalo...

Yellowstone National Park has recently confirmed their plans to capture wild buffalo for transport to research facilities and to slaughter. When buffalo are captured, they will suffer captivity, sorting and separation from their families, horrors of being tested in research prisons, and transport to slaughter facilities.

Buffalo must be finally recognized as a valued and recovered native wildlife species. Trained wildlife professionals without conflict of interest should manage wild buffalo – not the state livestock agency. Buffalo must be given full access to all suitable habitats in Montana within the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) at all times of the year.

Help make a difference for America’s last wild buffalo by taking the important actions. All sample letters can be edited, so if you have already taken some of these actions, you can refresh your word for the buffalo and write these decision-makers again. The first petition is for US residents! Please sign other petitions to save wild buffalo and their native habitat!

Spread the word to save the herds!

Update from the Field: The Killing Begins; Blackfeet Spiritual Leader Appeals to First Nations

Can Yellowstone's signature mammal and the region's ranchers just get along?

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